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Bigtooth Maple in fall color

We'll start with a common wildflower list,
and a few photos, and a starter tree list follows that.  :)

The Common Flowers of Utopia and Vicinity

This is not intended to be a complete listing, but instead a list of the most common, obvious, easy to find and identify types of flowering plants found here. These are species a bumbling, begrudging botanist (moi) was able to find, ID, and photograph, almost by accident.

Many species have gone un-identified as of yet, alas, including some common (mostly small, white & yellow) ones. Eventually we hope to get the matching set of photos of them up here too. Meanwhile you can google the names if you want to see pictures of them, other than 18 or so we included to begin to show how diverse, beautiful, and amazing, some of them are.  :)   For the most part, at least this list could help narrow your search.


Eryngo - your plants are probably green and leafy?
(there is a flower closeup in list below)

The list below is composed of first the formal family name, followed by the English (common) name for that family. Then the members of that family below each family heading. The larger family of composites is broken down into tribes for ease of understanding relationships.

Only those species found growing in a natural wild state are included. Many other hill country species are at the library garden and other cultivated situations, but they cannot be considered natural wild occurrences. Though, widespread established non-native species are included if found in a "natural" situation, such as say Spearmint along a creek.

My primary identification reference has been   "Wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country,"   by Marshall Enquist, 1987. It doesn't cover everything here, but the overwhelming majority is there, and it is the single best inexpensive flower field guide for the local area here. I highly recommend it. Lost Maples HQ has it. Some of the family names have been revised and it is "old school" taxonomy as of 1987. I've inserted the newer family names for a half-dozen or so that changed since then.

There is some appendix type info at the end of this list, including some Uvalde area additions, and a basic 101 local native tree list.

The 211 (current list) here are the most obvious, or perhaps easiest-to-find and ID wildflowers or blooming plants around the Utopia area and vicinity. The 211 listed species does not count but a few of the trees nor the Uvalde area species.  All listed sps. photographed.


False (or Erect) Dayflower

The Utopia area common wildflower list

Commelinaceae - Spiderwort family
False (Erect) Day Flower - Commelina erecta
Widow's Tears - Commelinantia anomala
Giant Spiderwort - Tradescantia gigantea (Lost Maples)
Western Spiderwort - Tradescantia occidentalis

Liliaceae - Lily family
Crow-Poison - Nothoscordum bivalve
Wild Onion - Allium canadense
Wild Garlic - Allium Drummondii
Twist-leaf Yucca - Yucca rupicola
Straight leaf Yucca sps. - Yucca sps.?
Red-flowered Yucca - Hesperaloe parviflora
Spanish Dagger -

Amaryllidaceae - Amaryllis family
Rain-Lily - Cooperia pedunculata
(actually two species, spring and fall)

Iridaceae - Iris family
Blue-eyed Grass - Sisyrinchuim ensigerum
Celestials - Nemastylis geminiflora

blue-eyed grass

Blue-eyed Grass (an Iris)

Orchidaceae - Orchid family
Chatterbox Orchid - Epipactis gigantea (Lost Maples)
(aka Giant Hellebore) (also at Big Springs, Real Co.)

Bromeliaceae - Pineapple and airplant family
Ballmoss - Tillandsia recurvata

Nymphaeaceae - Cow Lily family
Yellow Pond (Water) Lily - Nuphar lutea

Texas Mulberry - Morus microphylla

Nyctaginaceae - Four-O'Clock family
Scarlet Musk-Flower - Nyctaginia capitata
(picture last item at very bottom of this page)
Angel's Trumpets - Acleisanthes longiflora

Phytolaccaceae -
Pigeon Berry - Rivina humilis (Lost Maples)

Ranunculaceae - Buttercup family
Prairie Larkspur - Delphinium carolinianum ssp. vimineum
Wind-Flower - Anemone heterophylla
Old Man's Beard - Clematis Drummondii
Scarlet Leatherflower - Clematis texensis
(Purple Leatherflower - C.pitcheri - Big Springs, Real Co.)

scarlet clematis

Scarlet Clematis, aka Vaseflower and Leatherflower
(the round leaves are the Clematis)


Larkspur (Delphinium)

Berberidaceae - Barberry family
Agarita (Texas Holly) - Berberis trifoliolata

Lauraceae - Laurel family
Spicebush - Lindera Benzoin

Papaveraceae - Poppy family
White Prickly Poppy - Argemone albiflora
Mexican Poppy - Argemone mexicana

Cruciferae - Mustard family
(family now called Brassicaceae)
Tansy-Mustard - Descurainia pinnata
Whitlow-Grass - Draba cuneifolia
Peppergrass - Lepidium virginicum;
Bladderpod sps. - Lesquerella sps.
(Silver or Engelmann's)

Capparidaceae - Caper family
Clammy-Weed - Polanisia dodecandra

Crassulaceae - Stonecrop family
Yellow Stonecrop - Sedum Nuttallianum

Saxifragaceae - Saxifrage family
Canyon Mock-Orange - Philadelphus texensis (Lost Maples)

Canyon Mock-orange

Canyon Mock-orange

Rosaceae - Rose family
Dewberry - Rubus trivialis
Escarpment Black Cherry - Prunus serotina var. eximia

Leguminosae - Legume family
(family now called Fabaceae)
Huisache - Acacia Rarnesiana
Catclaw Acacia - Acacia Roemeriana
Illinois Bundleflower - Desmanthus illinoensis
Sensitive Briar - Schrankia sps.
Texas Redbud - Cercis canadensis var. texensis
Two-Leaved Senna - Cassia Roemeriana
Lindheimer's Senna - Cassia Lindheimeri
Honey Mesquite - Prosopis glandulosa
Texas Mountain Laurel (Mescalbean) - Sophora secundiflora
Texas Bluebonnet - Lupinus texensis
White Sweet Clover - Melilotus albus
Sour Clover - Melilotus indicus
Scarlet Pea - Indigofera miniata
Brown-Flowered Psoralea - Psoralea rhombifolia
Kidney Wood - Eysenhardtia texana
Black Dalea - Dalea frutescens
Purple Dalea - Dalea lasiathera
Nuttall's Milk-Vetch - Astragulus Nuttallianus
Deer Pea Vetch - Vicia ludoviciana

Wild Geranium - Geranium carolinianum

Oxalidaceae - Wood-Sorrel family
Wood-Sorrel - Oxalis Drummondii
Yellow Wood-Sorrel - Oxalis Dillenii

Linaceae - Flax family
Rock Flax - Linum rupestre
Yellow Flax - Linum rigidum var. Berlandieri

Rutaceae - Citrus family
Dutchman's Breeches - Thamnosa texana
Wafer Ash - Ptelea trifoliata

Malpighiaceae - Malpighia family
Narrow-leaf Thyrallis - Thyrallis augustifolia


Narrow-leaf Thyrallis

Polygalaceae - Milkwort family
Purple Milkwort - Polygala Lindheimeri
White Milkwort - Polygala alba

Euphorbiaceae - Spurge family
Three-Seeded Mercury - Acalypha Lindheimeri
Cardinal Feather - Acalypha radians/monostachya
Queen's Delight - Stillingia texana
Snow-On-The-Mountain - Euphorbia marginata

Hippocastanaceae - Buckeye family
Red Buckeye - Aesculus Pavia var. flavescens
(yellow flowered form here)

Sapindaceae - Soap-Berry family
Mexican Buckeye - Ungnadia speciosa
Bigtooth Maple - Acer grandidentatum

Anacardiaceae - Pistachio family
Prairie Flameleaf Sumac - Rhus lanceolata
Poison Oak - Rhus toxicodendron
Evergreen Sumac - Rhus virens

Vitaceae - Grape family
Virginia Creeper - Parthenoscissus quinquefolia
a wild grape sps. - Vitis sps.

Malvaceae - Mallow family
Turk's Cap - Malvaviscus arboreus var. Drummondii
Sida - Sida filicaulis
Standing Winecup - Callirhoe digitata/pedata
Velvet-Leaf Mallow - Wissadula holosericea

Cactaceae - Cactus family
Prickly Pear - Opuntia macrorhiza
Lace Cactus - Echinocereus Reichenbachii
Claret Cup - Echinocereus triglochidiatus
Nipple Cactus - Coryphantha (Mammilaria) sulcata

Lace Cactus

Lace Cactus

Nipple Cactus

Nipple Cactus

Onagraceae - Evening Primrose family
Limestone Gaura - Gaura calcicola
Square-bud Primrose - Calylophus Drummondianus
Stemless Evening Primrose - Oenothera triloba
Pink Evening Primrose - Oenothera speciosa
(white form)
Water Primrose - Ludwigia octovalvis

Umbelliferae - Parsley family
(family now called Apiaceae)
Prairie Bishop's-Weed - Bifora americana
Daucosma - Daucosma laciniatum
Water-Pennywort - Hydrocotyle umbellata
Hedge-Parsley (Beggar's Ticks) - Torilis arvensis
Eryngo - Eryngium Leavenworthii
Water-Hemlock - Cicuta maculata



sycamore-leaf Snow Bell

Sycamore-leaf Snow Bell

Ericaceae - Heath family
Texas Madrone - Arbutus xalapensis

Scarlet Pimpernel - Anagallis arvensis

Styracaceae - Storax family
Sycamore-Leaf Snow Bell - Styrax platanifolia

Gentianaceae - Gentian family
Rosita - Centaurium calycosum
Mountain Pink - Centaurium Beyrichii
(picture below before tree list)

Asclepiadaceae - Milkweed family
Antelope-Horns - Asclepias asperula
Green Milkweed Vine (Pearl Milkweed) - Matelea reticulata
Cynanchum - Cynanchum barbigerum
Texas Milkweed - Asclepias texana

Convolvulaceae - Morning Glory family
White Evolvulus - Evolvulus sericeus
Silky Evolvulus - Evolvulus Nuttallianus
Texas Bindweed - Convolvulus equitans
Lindheimer's Morning Glory - Ipomoea Lindheimeri
Purple Bindweed - Ipomoea trichocarpa
Alamo Vine - Ipomoea sinuata

Texas Bindweed

Texas Bindweed

Polemoniaceae - Phlox family
Cut-Leaf Gilia - Gilia incisa
Blue Gilia - Gilia rigidula
Golden-eye Phlox - Phlox Roemeriana

Hydrophyllaceae - Waterleaf family
Baby Blue-Eyes - Nemophila phacelioides
Blue-Curls - Phacelia congesta

Boraginaceae - Borage family
Oreja de Perro (Dog's Ear) - Coldenia (Tiquilia) canescens
White Heliotrope - Heliotropium tenellum
Puccoon - Lithospermum incisum

Verbenaceae - Verbena family
Texas Vervain - Verbena Halei
Gray Vervain - Verbena canescens
Dakota Vervain - Verbena bipinnatifida
Texas Lantana - Lantana horrida
Frog-Fruit - Phyla incisa

Labiatae - Mint family
(family now called Lamiaceae)
American Germander (Wood Sage) - Teucrium canadense
Drummond's Skullcap - Scutellaria Drummondii
Prairie Brazoria - Brazoria scutellaroides
False Dragon-Head - Physotegia augustifolia
Shrubby Blue Sage (Mejorana) - Salvia ballotaeflora
Blue Sage - Salvia texana
Cedar Sage - Salvia Roemeriana
Tropical Sage - Salvia coccinea
Mealy Sage - Salvia farinacea
Giant Blue Sage - Salvia azurea
Lemon Beebalm (Purple Horsemint) - Monarda citriodora
Common Horehound - Marrubium vulgare
Spearmint - Mentha spicata
Mock Pennyroyal - Hedeoma Drummondii
Annual Pennyroyal - Hedeoma acinoides

Solanaceae - Nightshade family
Yellow Ground Cherry - Physalis viscosa var. cinarescens
Silver-Leaf Nightshade - Solanum elaeagnifolium
Western Horse Nettle - Solanum dimidiatum
Buffalo Bur - Solanum rostratum
Jimson-Weed - Datura inoxia

Scrophulariaceae - Figwort family
Common Mullein - Verbascum Thapsus
Purple Sage (Cenizo) - Leucophyllum frutescens
Scarlet Penstemon - Penstemon triflorus
Snapdragon Vine - Maurandya antirrhiniflora
Plateau Agalinis - Agalinis edwardsiana
Prairie Paintbrush - Castilleja purpurea var. lindheimeri (orange)
Bluehearts - Buchnera floridana

snapdragon vine

Snapdragon Vine

plateau agalinis

Plateau Agalinis (with Giant White butterfly)

Caprifoliaceae - Honeysuckle family
White Bush-Honeysuckle - Lonicera albiflora (?)

Acanthaceae - Acanthus family
Drummond's Wild Petunia - Ruellia Drummondiana
Low Wild Petunia - Ruellia humilis
Tube-Tongue- Siphonoglossa pilosella
American Water-Willow - Justicia americana
Flame Acanthus - Anisacanthus Wrightii (Seco Creek)

Rubiaceae - Madder family
Baby's Breath (Bluets) - Hedyotis nigricans
Buttonbush - Cephalanthus occidentalis

Cucurbitaceae - Gourd family
Buffalo (Stinking) Gourd - Cucurbita foetidissima
Balsam-Gourd (Snake-Apple) - Ibervillea Lindheimeri

Campanulaceae - Bluebell family
Venus' Looking Glass - Triodanis perfoliata
Cardinal Flower (aka Fireweed) - Lobelia Cardinalis


Buttonbush, with Celia's Roadside-Skipper (R)
and Crab Spider (front center) waiting for it.

wooly ironweed

Wooly Ironweed

Compositae - Sunflower family
(family now called Astericeae)
broken down into tribes

tribe Vernonieae
Wooly Ironweed - Vernonia Lindheimeri

tribe Eupatorieae
Gay-feather (Blazing Star) - Liatris mucronata
Brickell-Bush - Brickellia cylindraceae
Blue Mist-Flower - Eupatorium coelestinum
White Boneset - Eupatorium serotinum
Thoroughwort - Eupatorium havanense

tribe Astereae
Roosevelt (Poverty) Weed - Baccharis neglecta
Rabbit-Tobacco - Evax (prolifera or verna)
   *(they chew, not smoke it)
Broomweed - Xanthocephalum dracunculoides
Tall Goldenrod - Solidago saltissima
White Aster - Aster ericoides
Prairie Fleabane - Erigeron modestus
Lazy Daisy - Aphanostephus sp.

tribe Inuleae
Marsh Fleabane - Pluchea purpurascens

tribe Heliantheae
Black-Foot Daisy - Melampodium leucanthum
Texas Green-Eyes - Berlandiera texana
Texas Star (Lindheimer Daisy) - Lindheimera texana
Engelmann Daisy - Engelmannia pinnatifida
Nerve-Ray - Tetragonotheca texana
Mexican Hat - Ratibida columnaris
Maximilian Sunflower - Helianthus Maximiliani
Common Sunflower - Helianthus annuus
Bush Sunflower - Simsia calva
Zexmenia - Zexmenia hispida
Frostweed- Verbesina virginica
Cowpen Daisy - Verbesina encelioides
Golden-Wave - Coreopsis sp. (basalis or tinctoria)
Navajo Tea - Thelesperma simplicifolium
Greenthread - Thelesperma filifolium
Straggler Daisy - Calyptocarpus vialis
Barbara's Buttons - Marshallia caespitosa

tribe Helenieae
Indian Blanket - Gaillardia pulchella
Pincushion Daisy - Gaillardia suavis
Sneezeweed - Helenium quadridentatum
Rock Daisy - Perityle Lindheimeri
Slender-Stem Bitterweed - Hymenoxys scaposa
Slender-Leaf Hymenoxys - Hymenoxys linearifolia
Parralena - Dyssodia pentachaeta
Damianita - Chrysactina mexicana
Palafoxia - Palafoxia callosa

tribe Cynareae
Basket-Flower - Centaurea americana
Texas Thistle - Cirsium texanum
Musk Thistle - Carduus nutans

tribe Mutisieae
Silver Puff - Chaptalia nutans

tribe Cichorieae
White Rock-Lettuce - Pinaropappus roseus
Texas Dandelion - Pyrrhopappus multicaulis
Skeleton Plant - Lygodesmia texana
Sow-Thistle - Sonchus sps.
Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Many many scores more types are present that
I simply haven't seen or identified yet.
I have dozens in photos I have yet to ID.
Many flowers are in the butterfly photos pages,
though some may be partly obscured sometimes.  :)

Mountain Pink

Mountain Pink

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
things to add:
some composties (daisy types)
a stick-leaf
a bunch of little white thingies
Aquatic Plants

A couple previously listed above, e.g. Moneywort and Water Lily
Water Milfoil - Myrophyllium (pres. americana - nice infloresence)
cf. Cardinalis - (aq. trade name cf. gen. Hygrophyllia) -
Hornwort - cf. gen. Ceratophyllum
Potomageton -
several other species present

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some Uvalde area additions
Pink Smartweed - Periscaria bicornis
Scarlet Spiderling - Boerhaavia coccinea
Scrambled Eggs - Corydalis curvisiliqua
Retama - Parkinsonia aculeata
Ratany - Krameria lanceolata
Stork's Bill - Erodium texanum
Winecup - Callirhoe involucrata
Globe Mallow - Sphaeralcea augustifolia
Stinging Cevallia - Cevallia sinuata
Cactaceae -
Tasajillo - Opuntia leptocaulis
Pink Vervain (Low Verbena) - Verbena pumila
False Dragon-Head - Physostegia augustifolia
Henbit - Lamium amplexicaule
Silver-Leaf Nightshade - Solanum elaeagnifolium
Purple Ground Cherry - Physalis lobata
Compositae - Tribe Astereae
Gumweed - Grindelia microcephala

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dozens of more different things down in the various brush country flatlands of Uvalde area. The above are just a few of the obvious or pretty, most of which could be found along the escarpment fairly nearby.



The 21 most common native trees around Utopia and vicinity

Bald Cypress - Taxodium distichum
Ashe Juniper - Juniperus ashei
Pecan - Carya illinoensis
Arizona Walnut - Juglans major
Spanish (Buckley) Oak - Quercus buckleyi
Plateau Live Oak - Quercus fusiformis
Lacey (aka Blue) Oak - Quercus laceyi
Plateau Chinkapin Oak - Quercus muhlenbergii
Shin Oak - Quercus sinuata
Post Oak - Quercus stellata
Sugarberry (Hackberry) - Celtis laevigata
Cedar Elm - Ulmus crassifolia
Escarpment Black Cherry - Prunus serotina ssp.eximia
Texas Persimmon - Diospyros texana
Bigtooth Maple - Acer grandidentatum
Texas Madrone - Arbutus xalapensis
Western Sycamore - Platanus occidentalis
Huisache - Acacia smalli
Texas Redbud - Cercis canadensis var. texensis
Honey Mesquite - Prosopis glandulosa
Catclaw Acacia - Acacia roemeriana

21 species
most of what you see will be one of them


Maples in fall colors

scarlet muskflower

Scarlet Musk-flower

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