Butterflies of Utopia and Vicinity

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Special thanks to Mr. Charles Bordelon, Mr. Mike Overton and Mr. Mike Quinn for kindly offering expert identification advice to a newbie with too many questions. Any ID errors are the fault of the author (moi). As for the photos, they are not super shots for the most part. They are B grade, the new better photos taken with a basic Canon Powershot SX40. Then we crop them overly tight to save web space, and do not post at original full resolution. They are merely for illustrative purposes, to show and document what types are found here. Maybe help someone put a name to something they saw without having butterfly books handy, by narrowing down choices to just what is here.

Click on a link below for each family (or sub-family) group. Each has a series of photos of the species in that group that are found here. Most of the regularly occurring species are shown on these pages. Currently (Dec. 2022) about 115 species are shown, of about 145 known here. Just under eighty percent. Probably have pix of 15-20 more species, have to find and process them yet. Now I know which to look for, and which to grab better ones of. Still working on filling in the blanks.

At the end of 2022 these pages got a long overdue major overhaul. Over 70 all new higher res photos have been added to these pages. Over 30 mostly higher-res pics that had recently been used on the site on other pages, as a couple dozen news break photos the last few years, but not ever placed in their proper family group pages, have now all been added their proper pages to fill out missing species or next level the photo quality. In all over a hundred way better photos have been added to these pages in late Dec. 2022. They are a whole new ballgame. Now with much better quality pix and far more thorough coverage of what is here for study material and documentation. The original pages pics were mostly kept up as many (bad as they were) were NCR - new county record - documentation photos turned in to Charles Bordelon, etc. There is a line break denoting end of the newly added pics. Much text has been added throughout all the pages. Enjoy the awesome butterflies of Utopia!


Crimson Patch - the crimson wonder


Monarchs (Milkweeds)


Whites, Yellows, Sulphurs, & Oranges




Fritillaries and Longwings

Patches, Crescents & Checkers




Rare Butterflies

In case you missed it, a moth photos page too now.


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