New Dragonfly Records for Uvalde County
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Swamp Darner

Swamp Darner

Here I will list and show the new dragonfly records (photos) I have documented from Uvalde County.

Since my computer has not had success trying to communicate with the Odonata Central web site to submit my records, I will put up new Uvalde Co. record photos here. And I'll put together a page for the Bandera Co. ones too.

One of the most fun and rewarding things an amateur nature watcher can do is contribute to our body of knowledge.

Keep a camera handy to take pictures and get documentation. Otherwise it never occurred in the world of rare animal reports. I have at times resorted to e-mailing pictures to the experts that were "first or new, county records" in hopes of trying to document new things. But they have bigger fish to fry than adding NCR dots to the maps.

Several years ago (2004 I think) there were listed at the Odonata Central website, 66 species of Odonata (dragons and damsels) known from Uvalde Co., of which 42 were dragons, 24 damsels.

Here are the species I've found that I am reasonably sure were new first records for Uvalde County when I discovered them. (7 species)

Hyacinth Glider - Miathyria marcella

First on 7-31-04 at Ft. Inge when took photos and voucher. Often common to abundant there, less so recently with hyacinth controls. Also seen at Cook's Slough, Uvalde City Park and the National Fish Hatchery in Uvalde. Regularly strays up onto plateau in very small numbers, most years. Tony Gallucci had one at Cherry Creek on 1050, and I subsequently had it a few times in my bone dry yard (Psuedoleon and Erythrodiplax umbrata here too!) 2 mi. W. of Utopia at 1500' in junipers, on Seco Ridge. Also seen at Utopia Park where not quite so out of place.

Hyacinth Glider     Hyacinth Glider

Hyacinth Glider - Miathyria marcella

Hyacinth Glider

Hyacinth Glider at Ft. Inge, July 31, 2004

Comet Darner - Anax longipes
7-27-05 photo'd at Cook's Slough, then ph. by M. Reid a couple days later, then missed by others. But in September seen again at UNFH, and Utopia Park, ovipositing at both of those sites. The story ended with a teneral photo'd May 07 at Utopia Park, so at least one confirmed Uvalde Co. successful emergence from the mini-invasion.

Comet Darner Comet Darner

Comet Darner - Anax longipes

Comet Darner

July 27, 2005 Cook's Slough

Flame Skimmer - Libellula saturata
8-7-05 was first UvCo photo in yard on vehicle antenna 2 mi. W. Utopia, though had been seen several times prior, and many times since. Seen at Cook's Slough and National Fish Hatchery in flatlands brush country, and semi-regular passing through my dry yard near Utopia (UvCo) at 1500', a few per year at least. Resident populations at Lost Maples and Big Springs.

Flame Skimmer

Flame Skimmer - 1st Uvalde Co. photo on my car antenna!
August 7, 2005, 2 mi. W. of Utopia.

Slough Amberwing - Perithemis domitia
At Utopia Park first seen 9-23-07, digiscoped 10-15 & 17, captured, one in-hand blurry photo 10-18-07 before it got away (I couldn't believe that!). On Oct. 17 a female was with the male and seen ovipositing.

Slough Amberwing

Slough Amberwing

Slough Amberwing

Slough Amberwing at Utopia Park Oct 17 & 18, 2007
(first two images digiscopes)

Marl Pennant - Macrodiplax balteata
Several seen in flatlands and up here in Utopia over last 6 years, rare but annual or nearly so. The first photograph at Uvalde National Fish Hatchery on June 20, 2009. Regular at Ft. Clark Springs, Kinney County.

Marl Pennant

Marl Pennant

Marl Pennant

Marl Pennant
Uvalde National Fish Hatchery
June 20, 2009
(digiscoped images)

Swamp Darner - Epiaeschna heros
One female photographed at Utopia Park on July 27, 2009.

Swamp Darner

Swamp Darner, female

Spot-tailed Dasher - Micrathyria aequalis
I found a male at Cook's Slough in Uvalde on August 29, 2009. Ken Cave's pic was much better than mine so here is his photo, and THANKS Ken.

Spot-tailed Dasher

Spot-tailed Dasher, male
(photo by Ken Cave)

I have a couple of other species of interest "seen only", undocumented as of yet so not on official Uvalde Co. list. But perhaps worth keeping in mind, probably in fall is best.

Turquoise-tipped Darner - Aeshna psilus
Seen at Cook's Slough in November, and along Sabinal River in Bandera County. A few other un-ID'd Aeshna have been seen that were likely this species.

Giant Darner - Anax walsinghami
Seen at Garner State Park, UvCo, and Lost Maples SNA in Bandera Co., both in fall.

Here is a second county record perhaps of interest.

Straw-colored Sylph - Macrothemis inacuta
Was prior only known from a novice's whatdragonizzat photo. This individual was netted on Sept. 14, 2007 when I found a number of them at Cook's Slough on a fall Nature Quest walk. This then was the first of its kind in the county that the observer said "Straw-colored Sylph" while observing it.

Straw-colored Sylph

Straw-colored Sylph at
Cook's Slough September 14, 2007

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